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Special-Bred Riolus

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Special-Bred Riolus

Post by JayShay95 on Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:10 am

hey guys i woke up too early,cant sleep, and now i remembered something, lately ive been working on something, a little breeding expierement, now i know that lucario is considered "uber" but just hear me out, ive accidently bredtoo maqny of my expierement, what im talking about is a riolu that knows blaze kick, sky uppercut, and its average foresight and endure. now i am gonna be giving some of these away becuz im just that kind, lol, i only need one and now im here to say that if you want one, just comment on this, if i run out i can always breed more, now this is what i ask for, i need ur friend code, nickname for it, that kinda stuff, i will try to get certain natures if ur kinda picky over that, alright, that about does it, just comment and ill get to work (but as of right now my wifi is down, so u r gonna have to give me until the end of march) thanks guys
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