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rules on how to post ur pokemon and get rated!

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rules on how to post ur pokemon and get rated!

Post by GentleBridge on Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:30 pm

this will apply for both team and individual pokemon

item it holds:
Detailed description of the Pokemon's purpose to the team:

an example:

ability: blaze
item: choice specs
EV: 4hp / 252 S.atk / 252 speed
Nature: Rash
Moves: lava plume / Hidden power (ice) / focus Blast / Eruption
details: this typhlosion is base on... taking out as much damage as possible against tanks and walls with lava plume... with 30% burning the opponent, hidden power ice... to take out any dragon pokemons and flying pokemon. Focus blast to take out any rock type or most tanks like *snorlax. Eruption is just stab when my hp is at full... with base 109 S.atk and choice spec.... it can pretty much overkill most pokemon.. that are normal effective.


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